Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 It's so exciting to finally put out this project that has been my baby for the past two years. I hope people will enjoy it and share it and it will live a fuller life as free online content than it could have as a 5$ bookapp.
When it was a bookapp I called it "One Tiny Pea" to make it easy to find on the appstore. Now that my platform is YouTube, there is no reason not to return to the original and well known title of the story- "The Princess and the Pea". 

Finishing a project after such a long time is confusing. The future seems to hold both endless possibilities and none at the same time. I'm trying to organize my thoughts and figure out my next steps. Whatever they may be, they will have to do with positive creativity and storytelling, the two things I am most passionate about.
Taking a bit of a break from the publisher now, to work on a couple of books. See ya soon <3

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