Saturday, March 8, 2014

Story Telling

There is nothing I love better than stories. I love them in books, movies and TV series, but most of all I love being read to. I'm quite willing to read to someone else if they will read to me in return, but I'd much rather be the listening party. I once fell in love with a guy mostly because he had the most pleasant voice and he read "Watership Down" to me on our first date. I will never be too old to enjoy stories read out loud, but today I'm just as happy if my boyfriend reads me the newspaper.

My absolute favourite person to listen to is my dad. I especially remember myself as a child rejoicing time and time again as we read "There are rocks in my socks! said the ox to the fox" and "Stand back! said the elephant, I'm going to sneeze!". The way the rhyming sounded like music rolling off his tongue and how we would laugh together at the funny parts and I could see he enjoyed the books just as much as me. Years later, when the Harry Potter books started coming out, there were a few times when my dad read the books to us in the living room. My mom, my younger brother and I spread ourselves out on the sofas and listened. Best kind of family fun I know.
When I decided to create my book app, I asked my dad to be my narrator and he gladly excepted the job. My brother is a musician so he had recording gear. We recorded three takes for each "scene" and as I listened to them all carefully and picked the best ones I tried to imagine the children who were about to enjoy my father's wonderful gift of story telling.

I'm so glad that recording him was one of the first things I did for my book. As soon as I had the entire narration there was no way I wouldn't complete everything else to get my book out there. It was given a soul, and now it's up to me to finish the body and give it life. I'm doing my best to do justice to the wonderful books I was raised on and create something that parents may enjoy together with their children.

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